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Circo Fest 2023 Adjudicators


Audrey boccara

Audrey Boccara, better known as the Aerial Ballerina, is a professional dancer, choreographer, circus artist, instructor, and film director. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from the National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance, she moved to Canada and worked with Ballet Edmonton, Atlantic Ballet, Ukrainian Shumka Dancers, and Alberta Ballet.


Her passion and creativity led her to dive into the circus world. She created and performed various acts that combine circus and dance for companies including Cirque de La Nuit, MileZeroDance, The Little Red Ball Company, Fruit Loop, Cirque de la Lune, and SkirtsAFire.


Audrey is also a passionate dance instructor who has been coaching both competitive and recreational children and adults for almost a decade. She values the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment where her students can develop their skills and reach their full potential as performers.

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Instagram: @_aerialballerina


Payton glagau

Payton Glagau is a Montreal based performer, choreographer, instructor, and producer. She tells unique stories though her art work by connecting emotions and movement in diverse ways. Payton's work stands out as she continues to train in a variety of styles and blends different techniques to create innovative dynamics through experimentation in her choreography. Examples include lyrical and acrobatics on a spinning office chair, silks rigged from a hoop, and most recently rigging a hoop from an aerial hammock. Dance has been a lifelong passion for Payton who began training when she was seven in styles including jazz, tap, ballet, Irish dance, acrobatics, and later pointe. As an adult she was introduced to circus arts and began training, coaching and performing in pole, aerial hoop, hammock, and silks. Payton graduated from l'École Nationale de Cirque's Instructor E-Learning program in 2022 and continues to share her passion for dance through teaching and performing!  

Payton Glagau Headshot.jpg

Instagram: @paytonlovesdancing


Hand Balancing


Gerardo balderas fiqueroa

Gerardo is a Mexican-Canadian circus artist based in Alberta. Though he was trained as a martial artist (Taekwondo), he transitioned into aerial arts in 2014, specializing in aerial hoop. Throughout his time as an artist he has also  trained in duo straps, duo trapeze, aerial chains, and hand-balancing. Though he mainly performs with local entertainment and circus companies, has has had the opportunity to perform and compete throughout North America in cities such as Mexico City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York amongst others. The excitement to shock people upon realizing what the human body is capable of is what drives him to keep growing as an artist and coach.  


Instagram: @xgerka

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